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School BusAn IBM colleague from years past, Craig Fellenstein, has been helping out with a significant initiative called the IT Leadership Academy. The program is sponsored by the Governor of Connecticut and is designed to bring 180 public High School students together to work on IT related projects during the school year. The participating high schools include both suburban and urban. The host for the sessions this year is IBM Corporation. I was fortunate to be guest speaker this morning.
Michael Mino is the director of the IT Leadership Academy and has organized the program. The students selected have been identified as leaders and I was very impressed with their knowledge and interest. The students asked poignant questions about WiFi, security, spam, and other pertinent topics. They are clearly on top of what the key issues are. After I described what is going on in Philadelphia with the lead telecommunications company pushing for restrictions on the city’s ability to offer WiFi to the citizens at large, one student asked how this could be. He was dumbfounded. So am I.
P.S. Craig is quite an accomplished author. His grid computing book is the best on the sujbect.