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CactusThe iPhone 4 was ordered on Tuesday June 15 and in spite of the AT&T web site problems and overloaded servers, the order was confirmed. On Saturday I received an email that was music to my ears. “Dear John Patrick, we are pleased to inform you that your iPhone (4) has shipped. Please check below for your confirmed delivery date. The Apple Store”.
Hyper-linking over to the FedEx site confirmed that the iPhone 4 was “In transit” and that it had shipped on June 19, 2010 from LANTAU ISLAND HK with an estimated delivery of the 1.3 pounds to happen on June 24 by 4:30 PM.  The best part of Apple’s incredibly efficient logistics system is the “pre-sign” process. One click enables you to print a “Shipment Release Authorization” form which you can tape on the door so that the package will be left in case you are not home. There have been so many frustrating times over the years when I got home in great anticipation of a package to find a post-it on the door saying “we tried” but you were not home.
The package started the journey from Shenzhen, China — reputedly the fastest growing city in the world — and today is in Anchorage, Alaska. Lantau Island, Hong Kong must be the aggregation point for distribution to various places around the world, but to me seeing the name Lantau Island struck a nostalgic chord. It was three years ago in May that I made my fourth trip to China (see Asia travel section of photo gallery for pictures from the prior trips). The first three were alone and 90+% business. Eventually the day would come when I would be lucky enough to go back with friends and family and not do any business activity. The prior trips were to just a few of the big cities but this time it was many cities and villages — there was an incredible amount to see and learn.
I feel fortunate to have been to Lantau Island twice and for the iPhone 4 to have been there also. I anxiously await Thursday to receive the iPhone and then to pack and ship the iPhone 3GS to gazelle.com. More on that later.

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