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Overnight Delivery TruckI am now the proud owner of an iPad 2 case. Now all I need is an iPad 2 to attach it to. Not to worry; the Apple manufacturing and distribution system is in full gear. Fedex gets a lot of credit for their incredible logistics system but it appears to be Apple that sets the rules. I am not aware of any other online retailer that has a “pre-sign” feature. Much as it does with its computers and software, Apple makes things easy. There have been so many times over the years that I have come home to find a Fedex sticker on my door saying that since I was not there to sign for the package, they will try again the next day. After a few days you have to go pick up the item from one of their warehouses. Most of use are busy people, and although there may be something we are really anxious to receive, it does not mean we can sit by the door all day waiting for the Fedex truck. With Apple orders, you click the “pre-sign” link and print out a Fedex-logoed form, sign it, and tape it on your door. Seems so simple and customer-friendly. Why don’t all e-tailers do this for items requiring signature? The “pre-sign” innovation is yet one more example of what is driving Apple’s market capitalization toward making them the most valued company in the world.

Fedex is quite amazing also. When their update says “delivered”, you can go to the porch and the package is there. In this case–no pun intended–the package moved from Shenzen to Lautau Island to Ankorage to Memphis to Orlando to Daytona Beach to Palm Coast. It is just like following trackables and geocoins at geocaching.com. Instant updates along the way enable you to know exactly where the package is and roughly when you can expect it to be delivered. If you see a chance of not being home at delivery time, just get the scotch tape and put the “pre-sign” form on the door. Now all I need is the iPad 2! In the meantime I can follow the order fulfillment process from the iPad.