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IP/SBC notes

50 million lines connections into homes. 20+m wireless. 7m high speed Internet. SBC believes the world is moving to all IP. Moving to all IP backbone which will allow anytime, anywhere access to communications and entertainment services on any device. IP based offerings in Voice, Video and Data. Project Lightspeed Network. IP video hub offices. IP video super hub offices. IP Serving Offices. Into home via copper or fiber. 20-25 memegabits to the home means provisioning of new services and applicatoins can be instant. Leapstone doing subscription and content management capabilities, IBM acting as the integrator. Service Delivery Platform will allow SBC to biuld and sell cross-platorm IP services, change offerings via tables. Construction of IP video network underway. Technical tests completed. Controlled launch about to start. Scaled launch begins in six months. Largest IP TV network in nthe world. Using SOA with Websphere to allow customers to do applicatoins like pay their bill, etc. Advantage vs cable and satellite: experience in running networks for 100 years and know how to keep them running. Second advantage is tht they understand both wired and wireless worlds. In the home will be able to watch 4 or 5 ball games at the same time, record in one room and watch in another, or potentially provide user selectable different camera angles. Competition will heat up unless the lawyers are successful in tying things up in lobbying efforts.

Virtualize everything, commit to open, collaborate to innovate. At the heart of the strategy is the concept that integrated, virtualized systems can help clients simplify their IT, so they can invest in growing their business.