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I will be giving a talk about Internet voting at the Danbury, CT Public Library on Sunday, December 4 at 3 PM. Stories are appearing in the media everyday about some aspect of our voting system. Politicians who did not win are questioning the accuracy of the voting system. All of us should be asking those questions, but not because of hacking or failures of the Internet. The bigger issue is about those who are disabled or overseas and find it very difficult to vote. Were all the votes counted?

Large numbers of ballots are sent by mail but do not get counted because the voter forgot to sign the envelope or signed it with a slightly different name than is in the voter registration database. Many voting machines did not work and some polling places had to revert to paper ballots counted by hand. Some voters waited in line for hours and finally gave up because they had to go back to work or take care of family members. Our system in America is antiquated.

We can do much better. Internet voting could not only solve many of the problems, but could also make new methods of voting possible. This is what I will be talking about next Sunday. The event is open to the public. Click on Event Registration to attend. I will be signing copies of Election Attitude – How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy for any who are interested. If you want a preview of some of the things I will be talking about, you can watch some short video clips here.