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NewsroomThis page includes articles and interviews with the press dating back to 1993. I guess you could call it a news diary. Audio and video recordings can be found here. A presentations archive can be found here. My presentation calendar, past and present, is available in the main menu at the top of the page. I am  a speaker at many of the conferences,  but there are some I just attend to listen and learn. See the conference section of the blog for stories about the people, places, and things I learned at the conferences.

It’s All About Attitude – John Patrick

Date: 2022-09-06  Type: Web news article
Publication: GoSolo subkit

Former Ridgefield resident, Dr. John R. Patrick Pens New Book, Reflection Attitude

Date: 2022-08-29  Type: Online Newspaper
Publication: HamletHub

Reflection Attitude: Past, Current, and Future

Date: 2022-08-22  Type: Book
Publication: It’s All About Attitude Series

What Is the World Community Grid?

Date: 2021-09-20  Type: Website
Publication: CircleID

Let’s Get the Politics Out of Infrastructure

Date: 2021-08-01  Type: Website
Publication: CircleID

Could Mobile Voting Strengthen Our Democracy? Join Danbury Author John Patrick for Free Webinar on Sept. 30

Date: 2020-09-24  Type: Online Newspaper
Publication: HamletHub

Local Author, Internet Pioneer Asks: Which Is Worse: Power Outage or Digital Outage?

Date: 2020-08-08  Type: Online Newspaper
Publication: HamletHub

Library presents webinar about online voting

Date: 2020-07-03  Type: Webinar
Publication: Ridgefield Press

Why Did It Take a Pandemic to Be Able to Use Telehealth?

Date: 2020-04-18  Type: Website
Publication: CircleID

Danbury Author Talks Robot Attitude and Supports Habitat for Humanity

Date: 2019-10-11  Type: Web news article
Publication: HamletHub

The Capitol Report panel with John Patrick

Date: 2019-09-29  Type: TV
Publication: WTNH-TV abc 8

Danbury author examines how robots can be our friends in new book

Date: 2019-09-24  Type: Business Publication
Publication: Westfair Business Publications. Westchester County Business Journal and Fairfield County Business Journal

Danbury Resident Backs Tech Startup, Brings Reliable WiFi to Local Retailers

Date: 2019-09-04  Type: Web news article
Publication: HamletHub

Danbury Author Dr. John R. Patrick Pens New Book About Robots

Date: 2019-08-27  Type: Web news article
Publication: HamletHub

Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better

Date: 2019-08-01  Type: Book
Publication: It’s All About Attitude Series

How Robots and AI Will Make Our Lives Better

Date: 2019-04-15  Type: Magazine
Publication: Sun and Surf Magazine

2020 will be the year that online voting really takes hold in the U.S.

Date: 2019-02-12  Type: Online article
Publication: AlterNet

How mHealth, 3-D Printing & Robots Will Change The World For People With Special Needs

Date: 2019-01-23  Type: magazine article
Publication: EP Guide 2019

Can this technology modernize how we vote?

Date: 2018-05-08  Type: Website
Publication: CNNtech

The Four Attitudes of Local Author, John Patrick

Date: 2017-12-10  Type: web news site
Publication: HamletHub

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