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IBM LogoThe month of September was a month, as usual for IBM, filled with a slew of announcements in hardware, software, services, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. The list of announcements made during the month is below and the complete index of IBM Happenings (by year and month) is here. Included was the revelation that IBM scientists had unlocked the secret of the Kondo Effect. The scientists at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in California have forged many breakthroughs over the years.
The Almaden center, which is set on 690 acres in the foothills above Silicon Valley, has a rich history of technical inventions including the disk storage drive, the relational database, and a bevy of innovations in nanotechnology and spintronics.
The latest breakthrough from Almaden’s staff of 400 researchers and visiting staff is that they have unlocked the "Secret of the Kondo Effect". If you haven’t heard of the Kondo effect, you are not alone. Scientists around the world have been studying the intriguing phenomenon in fundamental physics for decades. The Kondo effect is one of the few examples in physics where many particles collectively behave as one object. Clear as mud? For me too, but discovery of how this works represents a major advance in the understanding of some fundamental physical phenomena and it may have a major impact on the development of future nanoscale magnetic devices. What that means is that our mobile phones will have more storage capacity than large computers do. Assuming that Internet bandwidth continues to expand it will mean that a vast amount of the world’s data will be stored in clouds.

List of Announcements for September 2008

IBM opens Center for Social Software

The IBM Center for Social Software will be the industry’s premier incubator for the research, development and testing of social software.

IBM helps clients take advantage of enterprise mashups

IBM announced new software to help businesses take advantage of the surge in new mainframe software applications and the growing momentum behind enterprise mashups.

IBM unveils data center in Dublin

This new facility will provide a wide range of new and cost effective IT Services for the Irish marketplace. The center will also serve as a global hub for delivering IBM Software to clients in 84 countries worldwide.

IBM accelerates virtual desktop

IBM announced a powerful new solution to help organizations slash virtual desktop infrastructure storage requirements, allowing them to take advantage of new cloud computing models.


IBM harnesses people power

IBM’s Workforce Analytics service package provides information regarding key workforce measures such as demographics, compensation, attrition, and costs in the context of business strategies and goals.

ista, IBM sign innovation agreement

ista, the world’s biggest consumption-dependent billing provider of energy, water and ancillary, and IBM have signed an agreement for the operation and further development of ista’s IT infrastructure.

IBM opens four cloud computing centers

IBM opened cloud computing centers in Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Seoul and Hanoi where there is an increasing demand for Internet-based computing models.

IBM consulting helps clients make products “greener”

The IBM Environmental Product Lifecycle Management offering helps clients make their products more eco-friendly from development through end-of-life reclamation and recycling.

IBM unveils “intelligent dashboard” for data centers

IBM Systems Director 6.1 will allow clients to view, maintain and adjust the energy consumption, performance, and hardware utilization of their multi-system, virtualized environment — all in a single view.

NASA Supercomputer to simulate climate and solar activity

The NASA Center for Computational Sciences has selected an IBM iDataPlex cluster-style supercomputer capable of performing 42 trillion calculations per second.


Dublin selects IBM for Smart Ticketing System

The Railway Procurement Agency has selected IBM to create and implement the infrastructure for an Integrated Ticketing System across all public transport in the greater Dublin area.

IBM scientists unlock the secret of the Kondo Effect

Scientists at the IBM Almaden Research Center have forged a breakthrough in understanding the Kondo effect, an intriguing phenomenon in fundamental physics.

New IBM solutions strengthen security for midsize companies

IBM Rational AppScan Express Edition helps companies manage Web security and comply with mandatory regulations including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

IBM launches Cognos 8 v4

IBM Cognos 8 v4 lets organizations easily and securely extend access to trusted information to fully engage a diverse group of employees, customers and partners across financial and operational divisions and processes.

IBM unveils the SecureStore Framework

SecureStore delivers a comprehensive framework for protecting against online and physical risks that can help retailers reduce losses from theft, prevent brand and financial damage from data breaches.

IBM to bail out HP security software customers

IBM announced migration services and competitive migration pricing for abandoned HP Identity Center security software customers.

Industrial Bank of Korea upgrades to IBM System z10

The Industrial Bank of Korea has migrated to IBM System z10, which was done to help the bank create an advanced IT environment as the foundation for its new enterprise data center.

Sainte-Justine Hospital selects IBM for mobile solution

Sainte-Justine Hospital has provided its physicians and care providers with an advanced mobile communications technology in collaboration with IBM.