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IBM LogoThe month of October set a face pace for the last third of the year. The month was filled with a slew of announcements in hardware, software, services, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. One of the most interesting announcements to me was that IBM announced new software and services to help ensure clients’ success in creating a healthy IT environment based on a service oriented architecture. This comes on the heels of an announcement last month where the company unveiled innovations for healthcare that will have a dramatic impact on patients, hospitals and the general public. The key trends IBM pointed out were in secure sharing of patient data, fully-informed diagnosis from doctors, healthcare providers and hospitals, speeding drugs to market, and stemming the spread of pandemics.
All the other announcements made by IBM during the month are below, and the complete Index of IBM Happenings (by year and month) is here.

List of Announcements for October 2007

IBM launches new SMB solutions

As part of its Express Advantage strategy, IBM has introduced new solutions for the manufacturing, automotive, fashion and apparel and food and beverage industries.

IBM launches Center for CIO Leadership

The Center will bring together academics and other experts to build practical research and development initiatives focused on advancing the CIO profession.

IBM introduces “mainframe gas gauge”

In an extension of the company’s Project Big Green, IBM launched a program that allows mainframe customers to monitor their systems’ precise energy consumption in real-time.

IBM previews Web 2.0 mashup technologies

The IBM Mashup Starter Kit enables line of business users to assemble their own Web 2.0 mashup applications, solving business problems without aid from IT specialists.

Kaneva takes virtual world mainstream with IBM

Kaneva has standardized on IBM servers to support consumers worldwide who want to blend social networking and entertainment in an immersive 3D environment.

IBM reports 2007 third-quarter results

IBM announced third-quarter 2007 diluted earnings of $1.68 per share from continuing operations compared with diluted earnings of $1.45 per share in the third quarter of 2006, an increase of 16 percent as reported.

IBM advances Information on Demand initiative

IBM announced new software, industry solution frameworks and partner programs to help customers use information in to optimize their businesses.

IBM releases human capital study

According to the study, titled “Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable Workforce,” more than 75 percent of HR executives say that they are concerned with their ability to develop future leaders.

Hess, IBM sign outsourcing services agreement

IBM announced a $73 million five and one-half-year outsourcing agreement to provide Hess Corporation with global information technology infrastructure services.

IBM, Grameen Foundation expand microfinance banking platform

IBM and Grameen Foundation announced a collaborative project to help MFIs better serve poor communities around the world by expanding Mifos, Grameen Foundation’s microfinance software platform.

IBM acquires NovusCG

IBM will acquire NovusCG, a privately held storage solutions company. Novus will become part of the Storage and Data Services business unit in IBM Global Technology Services.

IBM announces new storage solutions for SMBs

IBM announced enhancements to disk and tape storage solutions for SMBs, offering increased performance and simplicity with lower cost.

IBM releases Global CFO Study

The Global CFO Study, titled “Balancing risk and performance with an Integrated Finance Organization,” was developed by IBM with assistance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

IBM unveils eco-friendly point-of-sale systems

The new IBM SurePOS 700 series gives retailers the choice of three high-performance, low-power processors that help reduce energy consumption.

FOX debuts news production with IBM

IBM has created and implemented the digital newsroom for FOX Business Network’s debut to more than 30 million subscribers.

IBM process turns waste into solar energy

IBM’s new semiconductor wafer reclamation process repurposes scrap semiconductor wafers to a form used to manufacture silicon-based solar panels.

IBM offers prescription for IT health

IBM announced new software and services to help ensure clients’ success in creating a healthy IT environment based on a service oriented architecture.

IBM releases Global Innovation Outlook report on new media

The GIO Media & Content Report, titled The New New Media, focuses on media and content as an area ripe for collaborative innovation.

Hillman Group selects IBM for data migration

The Hillman Group has selected IBM Information Server to help ensure the quality and governance of data on tens of thousands of products.