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IBM LogoThe month of June was an interesting one for IBM, with technology and solutions annuncements and acquisitions across the board. Here are the announcements made by the company during the month.The complete index of IBM Happenings by year and month is here.

List of Announcements for June 2004

IBM delivers next version of DB2 Information Integrator

The next version of DB2 Information Integrator software delivers more than 100 new features focused on automation, simplified application deployment, and integration across an array of assets.

IBM details new ThinkCentre S50 ultra small

At 13 pounds, the new ThinkCentre S50 ultra small weighs almost the same as IBM’s first notebook computer.

Cisco, IBM collaborate on 40Gbps custom chip

The two companies have collaborated to design and build the world’s most complex, programmable custom chip to power the Cisco Carrier Routing System.

Landmark, IBM to offer seismic processing services

Landmark will tap into IBM’s network of Deep Computing Capacity On Demand computing centers to provide access to information storage and computing resources for Landmark’s seismic processing customers.

IBM signs services agreement with HSH Nordbank

Under the five-year services agreement, IBM Global Services will design, host and operate several types of applications, including trading, security systems and SAP applications.

IBM completes acquisition of Candle Corporation

IBM has completed its acquisition of Candle Corporation. Candle will be integrated into IBM Software Group immediately.

IBM introduces new chip design verification software

IBM’s new technology, expected to shorten the design cycle and help produce higher quality chips, takes the technique of “formal verification” to new levels.

IBM unveils new WebSphere Software

WebSphere Extended Deployment, which runs on IBM’s WebSphere Application Server infrastructure software, utilizes, balances and shares the workload among many applications and application servers.

IBM, Motorola to collaborate on telecom applications

Motorola plans to include IBM eServer BladeCenter in its Application-Enabling Platform lineup; IBM will incorporate Motorola’s high availability software in the IBM eServer Integrated Platform for Telecommunications (IP-T).

IBM announces the ThinkCentre A51p

IBM’s latest desktop model, the ThinkCentre A51p, incorporates advanced performance graphics and enhanced processing power.

IBM introduces systems for telecommunications

The new IBM eServer Integrated Platform for Telecommunications (IP-T) provides customers with hardware solutions based on the eServer BladeCenter running carrier grade Linux.

IBM technology could make optical chip connections a reality

IBM has developed a high-speed photodetector that could greatly increase the speed at which information travels to and from microchips.

IBM unveils new technology for Java developers

The new Java-based technologies simplify the creation, test and evaluation of applications and enable rapid deployment.

IBM takes lead in global supercomputing

According to the TOP500 List of Supercomputers, IBM is the world’s leading provider of both installed supercomputing systems (with 224 systems) as well as total aggregate supercomputing power.

IBM announces E-mail Security Management Services

IBM’s E-mail Security Management Services scans e-mail and helps to reduce threats such as viruses, spam and other unwanted content before they infiltrate an organization.