IBM Happenings: August 2004

IBM LogoThere were a lot of announcements from IBM this month. Some of the headlines may be of interest. I am particularly interested in the Mayo Clinic/IBM medical happenings. They are so important to the future of healthcare. This is something to keep your eye on. The complete index of IBM Happenings by year and month is here.

List of Announcements for August 2004

Mayo Clinic, IBM to drive medical breakthroughs

The collaboration will focus on harnessing patient data to improve diagnoses and deep computing power to model diseases to find cures.

IBM contributes database software to Apache

IBM is offering “Derby,” a copy of its Cloudscape database, to the ASF to spur more communal innovation for Java application development.

A teleconference was held on August 2 to discuss Derby. Additional materials and replay information are available at:

IBM transforms Intel-server market with new technology

The new “scale-out” IBM eServer xSeries servers include additional sophisticated, high-performance features inspired by legendary IBM mainframes and supercomputers.

US Army chooses IBM supercomputer

The powerful 10 teraflop system will be used by DoD researchers to speed the development of advanced military systems.

IBM introduces chip morphing technology

The new technology, called “eFUSE,” combines software algorithms and microscopic electrical fuses to produce chips that can regulate their own actions.

IBM, Red Hat achieve security certification

The CAPP/EAL3+ achievement crosses the IBM eServer product line, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS on xSeries, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS on xSeries, iSeries, pSeries and zSeries.

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