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Of the many subjects I have written about on patrickWeb, the one thing that continues to elicit the most feedback is The Pepper Ball. I first wrote about it in the gadgets section of patrickWeb. For some unknown reason, it seems I have become the technical support department to the world’s pepper ball users! I have gotten emails asking where to buy a Pepper Ball, how to repair one with broken handles, but mostly asking if I could explain how to refill the pepper supply. Yesterday I got an email from a frustrated man in Virginia Beach, Virginia who wrote, “How do you (or can you) refill the damned thing?”I am hoping that the following explanation will make a match for people doing web searches looking for the answer. If you look at the Pepper Ball picture carefully, you will see a rectangular shaped area on the left side. It is about 3/4″ wide and 1 1/2″ long. By pressing on this “door” toward the bottom of the Pepper Ball, it will slide open. I use a small funnel to fill it so I don’t have to chase peppercorns around the kitchen floor.