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Home Attitude

Thought about how to make your home smarter? Home Attitude will help you answer the question, and very soon. On Wednesday, I received a proof of the interior edit prepared by the CreateSpace team. Interior editing is an art and a science. The art is selecting nice fonts and creating headers and footers, table of contents, etc. pleasant to the eye. I selected a font for Health Attitude in 2015, and decided to continue with the same font for Net Attitude, Election Attitude, and now, Home Attitude. The same font will continue into the future for some other books I am planning. Hope you like the font.  I will be able to make another pass at the editing before the next steps, which will include creating creating an index, updating the book cover so it has the correct spine width to accommodate the final number of pages, and receiving a physical proof of the print edition. After approving the physical proof, the print version immediately goes on sale on Amazon. Ten days later, the Kindle version will be ready.

There is discipline and science which goes into the coming steps. Each chapter needs to start on a right side page, and the first letter of the first sentence of each chapter will be enlarged for appearance. The other part of the science is creation of the index. I use a software app called TExtract which automates index creation. It determines which words are relevant enough to get a place in the index. Words like this, than, and, a, if, or, are, etc. are excluded. Every word in the book, nearly 50,000 of them, gets assigned a relevance ranging from 1 to 9. I go through the database and fine tune those decisions. Some words get paired, like home automation. The index might include “home automation” and “home, automation”, and “automation, home” and “See also, smart house”. I spend some time on preparing an index because I know many readers like to have that resource. 

Stay tuned for Home Attitude