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2002 was a great year in many respects and I feel fortunate and thankful. However, it was another bummer from a running point of view. Eighteen months after the last knee surgery and running is still not in the picture. I have not given up though and am hoping 2003 will enable me to get back to it.

2001 was a bummer! It started out very well and until May I was averaging around 20 miles per week right on par with prior year. In May the knee pain started. A cortisone in early June helped temporarily. Surgery was July 9 and included arthroscopic repairs to the the lateral and medial menisci and removal of the plica. Recovery has been very difficult with various complications and ailments. As of January 2002 there is still no running on the immediate horizon. Hopefully by Spring.

2000 was the best running year for me in a very long time. Total miles: 682.3. The average run was 3.9 miles. Average runs per week was 5 and average miles per week was 20.3(both double prior year).

1999 was a good running year for me. Total miles: 430.3 since I started the log in March. The average run was 3.81 miles. Average runs per week was 2.7 and average miles per week was 10.1.

1994 – 1999 were mixed. Two back operations in 1994 set me back a bit and it took quite a while to recover.

1985 First knee surgery set me back a bit. Took awhile to recover. Things were great until summer of 1994.

1971 – 1985 Ran nearly every day. Many races including four marathons.

1969 1971 A non-voluntary exercise program (The U.S. Army) got me running. After I didn’t have to run anymore I got really hooked on it.

1945 – 1969 No running. Got drafted into the U.S. Army and went to basic training weighing 225 pounds.