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I don’t record every motorcycle ride but hopefully some of the more interesting ones. The list of bikes is here. Cumulative miles ridden on the bikes is below followed by the log of activity.


Motorcycle Mileage Summary

Trike: [trike_total_miles]
Dresser: [dresser_total_miles]
Fatboy: [fatboy_total_miles]
Sportster: [sportster_total_miles]
Can-am Spyder RT Limited: [can_am_spyder_bike_total_miles]
Dyna WideGlide: [dyna_wideglide_total_miles]
Rental Bike: [rental_bike_total_miles]
Prairie: [prairie_total_miles]
Trail Bike: [trail_bike_total_miles]
Bayou: [bayou_total_miles]

Total Miles:  [motorcycle_list_total_miles]


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