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Thanks for following progress toward the launch of Health Attitude. We are getting very close. The book cover design is entering the second round next week. Marketing copy for the Amazon website is underway. “Advance Praise” blurbs are coming in from reviewers. I will continue to edit and make Health Attitude as good as possible. The feedback from many of you has been incredibly helpful. Another round or two and the draft, cover, and marketing copy will all come together to make Health Attitude a reality. The target is still March, but it may be earlier for the Kindle version. I will keep you posted. Thanks again for your support. Your feedback is always welcomed! Feel free to post a comment on my Facebook page, at LinkedIn, Google+, my Twitter feed, or drop a mail to [email protected]. One other thing: I am considering different taglines for the cover of Health Attitude. If you can spare 30 seconds, click here for a one-question survey. Thanks!