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Health Attitude is coming soon. An open question is what the tagline should be. This is important because it affects the likelihood that someone will decide to read the book. Ten people have responded to the survey so far, and you can see the results below. For those of you who have been following the development of Health Attitude and providing feedback, you have been shaping the content of the book. If you did not weigh in on the tagline and can spare a few seconds, click here for the one-question survey. Thanks!

Tagline Votes So Far
bullet Unraveling the mysteries of the American healthcare system: 4 votes
bullet How attitude and technology can revolutionize our healthcare system: 2 votes
bullet Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis: 2 votes
bullet How to make our healthcare system better and more affordable: 1 vote
bullet Other: How to make our healthcare system affordable and better: 1 vote