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Personl Computer I am fortunate to attend many conferences each year as one can see from the engagements calendar. I find them all productive but my all time favorite conference is Demo. Demo is recognized as the major event that "demos" the products and services poised to have the greatest impact on the technology landscape in the year to come. Every year, technology executives, venture investors, journalists and analysts converge at Demo to preview and discuss new ideas. The best part of the conference is the opportunity to network with many old and new friends. DEMO@15! marks the 15th year of the conference — the 13th year for me. In that time, 1,500 companies have launched technologies live on the Demo stage — and a few have launched revolutions. Notable on the list have been Palm, TiVo and Java.
Below are some of the places I plan to be during the first quarter of the year. I am speaking at most of them , (including opening keynotes at both LinuxWorld and COMMON. As I updated the engagements page, it was fun to reminisce over conferences of the past four years.

Event Date Location
Optometric Practice Management Conference 01/15/2005 New York, NY
Genesys Partners Annual Dinner 01/31/2005 New York, NY
Demo 2005 02/14/2005 Phoenix, AZ
LinuxWorld 02/16/2005 Boston, MA
What’s Next: Boomer Business Summit 03/09/2005 Philadelphia, PA
COMMOM 03/13/2005 Chicago, IL
PC Forum 03/21/2005 Scottsdale, AZ
Event Date Location