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The word “local” is at least as powerful and important as the word “attitude”. We all care about what is going on in the world, but we care at least as much about what is going on where we live, in our local communities. HamletHub recognized the importance of local some years ago and built a web business to make it real. Thousands of people in local towns around Connecticut learn what is going on locally by reading a daily email from HamletHub. Anyone can visit HamletHub, enter a zipcode, and see local events from among more than 200,000 happenings across the country.

Kerry Anne Ducey, Founder and CEO of HamletHub, asked if I would participate in an interview about my new book, Home Attitude. We mutually decided to broaden the discussion to cover the theme of all my books, attitude. Following is the introduction to the interview.

Four Attitudes & A Crusade for Change

Local author, Internet pioneer, and community advocate, John R. Patrick believes most big problems and big solutions involve attitude. That’s why he has authored a series of books that speak to just that – attitude. How does it impact our online experience? healthcare? Our political landscape? Your lifestyle and your home? Here, we talk with Patrick about his crusade for a better way of life he believes begins with a state of mind. See the interview.

Also in the news, an introductory 30 second video about Home Attitude is now live on Instagram. Instagram is a good place to find pictures and short videos. I will be sharing more videos there over the weeks ahead. You can now follow me on Instagram in addition to Facebook, Google+, GotChosen, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and YouTube. Visit Instagram here.

Disclosure: I am an investor in HamletHub.