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Travel tickets After 48 hours, the points have still not show up at Marriott Rewards, so they were correct when they said it would take 3-5 days (to move data from server to server). I do not mean to condemn Marriott — it may be that American Express sent the data in a proprietary format that requires special processing on Marriott’s part. (That is why we need web services standards).
Shortly after the attempted transaction I got the following email from American Express. It shows they are on their way, and committed, to becoming an on demand business.

Dear Cardmember,

Thank you for your recent call concerning the Membership Rewards ® program. We want you to always get the most out of membership. So, we’re writing to tell you about another great way to access information about the program.

The Membership Rewards Web site offers you a quick and easy way to do just about anything that’s related to the program. For instance,

To redeem points for rewards online at any time, click or go to:

To find out about bonus point offers online, click or go to:

For your point balance, partner listings, and any other program information, click or go to:

So next time you want to redeem for a reward, check your point balance, or get other program information, why not explore your options. Check out the Membership Rewards Web site. It’s the fast and easy online alternative, and it’s available to you 24 hours a day.


Membership Rewards Customer Service

Note: I have intentionally not included the actual links in the above because they contained my account information… – jrp.