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Any unwanted phone calls are annoying, but the most annoying to me are the robocalls. “Hi, this is Rachel from cardmember services” is one of many, and they seem to be growing. Argh. I have finally found a way to stop them. The government Do No Call list is a waste of time. The robocallers ignore it. What seems to work so far is Nomorobo.  The service is free. At this point it only works with landlines and only certain voice over Internet providers. I have Comcast and it works fine. The one-time setup is simple. Nomorobo is able to detect a robocall and it answers the call for you. You are no longer harassed. Legal robocalls, like school closings and prescription reminders are not blocked. Nomorobo does not have a smartphone version yet, but I am sure they will. They have to make money somewhere, so I suspect the smartphone offering will have a fee. If it works, millions will happily pay, assuming the fee is not outrageous.