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One of the e-newsletters I look forward to every week is from MedicalAutomation.org.  The site describes their mission as  filling the need for unbiased information about processes and technologies that can make healthcare more effective, efficient and equitable. Their scope is worldwide.  One of the topics that seems to be appearing more frequently in the weekly newsletter is 3D printing. From what I can see, 3D printing is becoming a game changer in many areas, much as the web was 20 years ago, and it surely will be equally disruptive in the world of making things. 
This week’s medical automation newsletter features a story about about a man who lost half of his face to cancer, but now can eat and speak again thanks to a 3D implant.  As the newsletter pointed out, the video is not for the faint-hearted.  The video is here, but if you just want to just read the story, you can find that here.
Speaking of 3D printing, Mediabistro, Inc. had a major announcement today about how they are collaborating with 3DPrintingIndustry.com.  It looks like a great match enabling each comp;any to leverage the strengths of the other in this rapidly growing sector. See the press release here.
Disclosure: I am an investor and member of the board at Mediabistro, Inc. (MBIS)