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Election Ahead

If you are following my blog or receive my weekly e-newsletter, you know about my two books, Health Attitude and Net Attitude. The books have something in common — attitude. Some websites are great. They do what we want and save us time. They make things easier. Unfortunately, many other websites are lame. You click and nothing happens, or the wrong thing happens. The difference between good sites and bad sites is not due to technology, it is due to attitude, a lack of net attitude. In the American healthcare system, there are many problems. The solutions require attitude changes by patients, providers, payers, and policymakers. That is what Health Attitude is about.

I have been working on a new book called Home Attitude. It is about home automation. Most people don’t have home automation. It isn’t because they can’t afford it or can’t benefit from it. There is often an attitude of “who needs it?” One day a few weeks ago, I was telling a friend about Home Attitude. He said it sounded interesting, but what he thought could be even more interesting was Election Attitude.

I liked the idea immediately and began to reflect on how the Internet touches most aspects of our lives. We can shop, do our banking, take courses, enjoy entertainment, plan our travel, make reservations for dinner or a show, examine our electronic health records, but we cannot vote online. Why? As I dug into the research for the new book, I found there were many reasons why. Most of them have to do with attitude. Stay tuned. I will be sharing more about Election Attitude. I hope to publish it before the end of summer.