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Election Attitude Front Cover

I think a lot of Americans believe we should be able to vote on the Internet. Today’s system of 15 year old paper ballots and touch screens is in a shambles. The machines are insecure and unreliable. Precincts run out of ballots. Millions of votes rely on the USPS and may or may not get counted. Computer scientists point out how voting on the Internet is much more complex than e-commerce, and they believe security concerns eliminate the possibility of Internet voting. Election Attitude addresses the complexity of Internet voting, and offers an optimistic path forward to make it happen. Election Attitude is about adopting a mindset throughout America which encourages politicians and voting officials to begin Internet voting pilots which can lead to voting from our smartphones. The result will be a stronger democracy.

Election Attitude is coming in August in print and Kindle. One of the things on my critical path to meet that goal is to finalize the tagline for Election Attitude. I prefer “How Internet voting leads to a stronger democracy”, but would greatly appreciate your opinion. I created a simple one question short and sweet Survey Monkey survey. It will take just a few seconds. Please click here. Thanks!