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Telehealth is really catching on. Some consumers are changing their family physician to one who offers telehealth. The driver is the big C, convenience. Driving to sit in a waiting room (usually with no WiFi) is such a waste of time for many. Grandparents who chat with distant grandchildren with Skype or FaceTime now realize they could see a doctor the same way.

mHealth is delivering a lot of new devices which can measure your pulse, record your heartbeats, log your temperature, and many other measurements, all of which travel over the Internet to your doctor. Connor Landsgraf, CEO of a San Francisco startup, Eko Devices, believes it is time to bring the stethoscope into the fold. He has pointed out the iconic device has not changed since the 1880s. He claims many physicians do not get adequate training on how to interpret the sounds they hear with a classic stethoscope. He says, “As many as 80% of internal medicine residents misdiagnose common murmurs with their stethoscope”. Eko has received FDA approval for their smart stethoscope which can record a patient’s heart rhythm and send it electronically. The data from the stethoscope is captured by a smartphone, which can then analyze the data and compare it with cloud based sound patterns representing various conditions.

The Eko device is already being used by 3,000 clinicians in the U.S. The goal is to help physicians make data-driven decisions resulting in improved patient outcomes. Artificial intelligence algorithms will automatically provide diagnostic support to physician extenders including Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. This will enable them to use the device to gain a level of insight their training might not otherwise provide.

See the full story at “A new digital stethoscope launches in Europe to allow users to easily record and share cardio information” and read read more about other mHealth devices in Health Attitude.

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