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Drone carrying medicine

A drone delivers medicine from a nearby pharmacy to the Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The possibilities are many according to Cornelius Thiels, a general surgery resident who wrote in KevinMD.com. He said drones will not replace provider care, but perhaps they could deliver:

 Blood to a hospital that’s running low

 Medical supplies to mass casualty scenes (trauma gauze, tourniquets, medications, etc.)

 Anti-venom or other rarely used or short half-life medications to rural providers

 Short half-life medications to rural providers

 Plasma, platelets, or cryoprecipitate to a hospital that doesn’t stock these products

 Lab samples from small hospitals or clinics to regional labs

 Prescriptions to home bound patients

 Medications to patients on offshore vessels

 Organs for transplantationdefibrillators to patients in cardiac arrest

As Amazon and Google are experiencing, there will be challenges, but innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare are alive and well. Read more about the role of entrepreneurship in healthcare in Health Attitude.

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