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Ben and Mena TrottDemo 2004 was an excellent conference — I learned a lot and got to see many old and new friends. Ben and Mena Trott, from Six Apart Ltd. in San Mateo, California showed their newest Typepad tool for bloggers. It lets mobile bloggers — "mobloggers" as they are called — put their digital photos, along with audio and text, on their Web sites. (AP Photo by Roy Dabner).
Greg Reinacker, Doc Searles, and JRP Greg Reinacker of Newsgator (L) and I looked on as Doc Searles of Linux Journal showed us his blog on the big 17" laptop. Picture by Mitch Ratcliffe of RedHerring. There are also a couple of pictures from last year’s Demo panel.
I am awaiting the FedEx truck to pull up with a delivery from Amazon. The Logitech Pro camera will enable me to try out Sightspeed.