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IBM LogoCongratulations David! Hard to believe that you have a pending retirement, but like me, I am sure you will have an e-tirement full of busy days. After joining the Quarter Century Club you had only twenty-five more years to go before entering the Half Century Club, but enough is enough. It is time for life after IBM and for you that will no doubt be many years of fulfilling “work” that will seem like an avocation.
You have a lot to be proud of during your career and I have a lot to thank you for. During that part of our careers that we shared, you were so helpful and insightful. I was eager to learn everything I could about the Internet and you were my tutor and mentor. You were both visionary and historian. Most Internet users today have never heard of OS/2 or Gopher — what an interesting part of history they missed!
David, you have been a truly dedicated, committed, and always helpful IBMer. I wish you the very best for continued health and happiness as you enter the next phase of your career..