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This year was my eleventh visit with the Danbury Area Society. For the last eight years my talks have been about The Future of the Internet. It is always a please to speak there because the Q&A session goes for a long time. The audience always has a lot of questions and I enjoy staying to hear them and do my best to answer them. Good questions keep you on your toes and provide a good sanity check on your speaking topic. I always get emails from the audience too — and this I also appreciate. One solution proposed at the Spam Roundtable in Honolulu this past week was that email programs be setup so that you only receive emails from people who are in your address book. This would definitely eliminate your spam. It would also eliminate hearing new ideas, meeting new people, and getting feedback. That is a tradeoff I for one am not willing to make. An article about what I had to say at the December 2002 DACS meeting can be viewed by following the DACS 2002 link below.