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From my 3-D printing workshop. The large snowman required printing 17 pieces (one tooth went missing). Note the needle nose of the green Christmas tree. I was not sure how that come out but it printed near perfectly.
Christmas tree at Ridgewood Country Club.
My oldest son and his family plus Joanne and me.



My oldest son and his family. So proud of them all.

Short videos at the Performing Arts Center at Western Connecticut State University. Excellent students and faculty in music.

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As conflict continues in the Middle East, World Central Kitchen remains steady in its commitment to provide nourishing meals to families in need. Following are some of the latest updates from across the region:

WCK, along its partner organizations and restaurants, have served 3.1 million hot meals and 140,000 food kits to support the communities which have been hardest hit by the violence throughout the region in Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, and Egypt. Across the region, this equates to more than 6.5 million meals.

You can see first-hand videos from WCK Relief Team member, Sam, at a food distribution site in Rafah here and in Anera’s kitchen in Gaza here.

You can take a quick tour of its warehouse with WCK team member, Mert, here.

As traditional cooking fuel sources dwindle, WCK is also providing specially designed wood and charcoal stoves, along with the fuel needed to power them, so their partners can increase hot meal production. They opted for these stoves as fuels like propane are not allowed in humanitarian shipments into Gaza. More on WCK’s efforts to send trucks into Gaza can be found on their blog.

Had back surgery this week and still in recovery.