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I have added two new sections to the Current Events blog post. One is about new photos and videos. The other is about startups.The new sections may not appear every week, just when I have something new to share.

On Saturday, some friends and us took a ride north through rustic Connecticut up to very near the border with Massachusetts to Falls Village. Falls Village is a village and census-designated place (CDP) in the town of Canaan in Litchfield County, Connecticut. As of the 2020 census it had a population of 509. The village is located on the western side of Canaan on the Housatonic River. It is known for its historic architecture, including the Great Falls, a 77-foot waterfall on the river.

The purpose of our visit was to attend an open house on the property of Bunny Williams. Bunny Williams is said to be “a designer with a modern vision, a sense of history, and the confidence to take the unexpected path. Both a trailblazer and a taste-maker, Williams style is classic, but never predictable.”

Bunny is a business person, author, dog-lover, and garden enthusiast. I don’t have the words to describe the incredible gardens and the handful of buildings on the property. I have some pictures we took here. If you want to see inside her amazing home, you can watch a video here.

Image by Tung Nguyen / Pixabay

On July 21, I gave a lecture on AI @FoundersHallCT. Justin McGown of the Westfair Business Journal wrote a story about the talk. It was titled An introductory journey into AI’s potential.

In addition to current events and outlooks, I told the audience about Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better. A video of the lecture is below.

According to Bard AI, following are some of the latest developments in AI. As usual, the list contains some very positive things along with some scary things.

    • AI can now predict passwords from keystroke sound with 95% accuracy. A team of researchers in the United Kingdom developed a deep learning model that can accurately predict what you are typing based on the sounds from keyboard keystrokes. This could be used to improve password security or to develop new ways of eavesdropping on people’s conversations.
    • AI is being used to create personalized learning experiences for students. Adaptive learning platforms that use AI can assess students’ strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles to provide them with the most effective instruction. This can help students learn more effectively and efficiently.
    • AI is being used to develop new medical treatments. AI-powered systems can now diagnose diseases more accurately than human doctors, and they are also being used to develop new drugs and treatments. For example, AI is being used to develop a new treatment for cancer that is more effective and less toxic than traditional treatments.
    • AI is being used to improve the efficiency of businesses. AI-powered chatbots can now answer customer questions and resolve issues without the need for human intervention. This can free up employees to focus on more complex tasks, and it can also improve customer satisfaction.
    • AI is being used to create new forms of art and entertainment. AI-powered tools are being used to create new forms of music, art, and literature. For example, AI has been used to create a new type of poem that is entirely generated by a computer.

    These are just a few of the latest developments in AI this week. AI is a rapidly growing field, and it is constantly evolving. We can expect to see even more exciting developments in the coming months and years.

The startup I am sharing this week is GenesisAI. I invested in GenesisAI in early 2020 shortly after I published Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better

They raised $625,390 from 1,062 investors. Following are some highlights about GenesisAI.

1 Harvard founders with work experience at Google and Bridgewater Associates.
2 Globally recognized investors and advisors with multi-billion-dollar exits, including former Dean of MIT Engineering and Harvard/MIT professors.
3 If we achieve our vision, GenesisAI will become the single most valuable technology of all time.
4 The market for AI services is currently valued at $100 billion and is estimated to reach $6 trillion by 2025.
5 The first global AI network that just works.
They are in a hot space for sure but, as always, remember most startups fail. Never invest in a startup unless you are prepared to lose every penny you invest.

One big issue for Ukraine is air cover. Here is President Zelenskyy update….

All the agreements we brought home from our partners are being implemented already. First of all, F-16 jets. The tasks are obvious. For the international team, it is to maximize the expansion of training missions. For the military, it is to accelerate the preparation of the infrastructure as much as possible, to send pilots and engineers to ensure Ukraine’s full readiness. And all together, it is about bringing closer the moment when F-16s will help us keep Russian terrorists away.

Today I held a meeting on the results of the visits. It was a long meeting. The issue of coordination was specifically about the jets. Preparation of new defense packages – with exactly the content that our warriors need and that they told me about when I visited the front.

We are also preparing our new international events for the autumn, new steps in relations with partners that should strengthen Ukraine. The autumn will be eventful in terms of our diplomacy.

Glory to all who are fighting and working for Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Crypto continues to languish. Coinbase Bytes made some interesting comments….

The bottom line… 

It’s still unclear if last week’s market selloff was a short-term blip, or a sign that crypto-market volatility is returning as we roll into autumn. But if you take a longer view, the biggest cryptocurrency remains remarkably stable by historic standards — with many market watchers noting that BTC’s declining volatility has boosted its evolution into a widely popular “store of value” asset class. Or as Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone tweeted, “Gold will always have a place in jewelry and coin collections, but most indicators point to an accelerating pace of Bitcoin replacing the metal as a store of value in investor portfolios.”

Stocks rallied Friday as traders cheered comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell at the annual central bank conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Seems the lingering question is about inflation and interest rates. Who knows? Nobody. The GAMMNAT stock approaching $11 trillion again although Tesla and Meta (Facebook) have fallen out of the trillion dollar cap club. GAMMNAT still 31% of S&P 500. Tesla coming back. Nvidia got trimmed but still mkt cap above a $trillion after spectacular growth with their AI chips. Little known is Amazon has built two of their own AI chips. Apple will too. All chip makers will. Small tech on NASDAQ mixed. 

Following are videos of talks I gave this year. I have been fortunate to be able to share my thoughts on technology with a number of groups. 

On July 21, I gave a lecture on AI @FoundersHallCT. I wan’t sure how many would turn out. It was a lot. Great interest in the topic. In addition to current events and outlooks, I told the audience about Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better

On March 8th I was the guest speaker at the first meeting of Probus in Palm Coast, Florida on March 8. Probus is a worldwide organization of retired and semi-retired men and women who come together to make new friends, learn new things, and have fun. There are over 4,000 Probus clubs in more than 100 countries, with over 400,000 members. Probus clubs are non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit. They are self-governing and autonomous, and each club sets its own policies and activities.

On March 30, I gave my 12th annual lecture called Tech Talk at Hammock Dunes Club in Palm Coast, Florida where I live in the winter.

On March 23, gave a town hall-like speech and Q&A with the IT special interest group (SIG) of the New York Executive Forum. The event was via Zoom.

On April 19, I gave a talk and Q&A with a group of Union Carbide retirees. Some years ago, Union Carbide had its headquarters about a mile from where I live in Connecticut. The event was via Zoom.

There are many more videos of my lectures, interviews, etc. on my YouTube channel which you can find here.