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In this section, I share what I am up to, pictures of the week, what is new in AI and crypto, and more.

Dear readers,

Last week my weekly posts did not go out. There was a technical problem at Mailchimp. I believe it is fixed and am hoping you are receiving the email properly on June 29. I am currently cruising in the Caribbean with my family – all 15 of us. Kids, grandkids, spouses, with Joanne and I. A great time is being had by all.

No more talks for summer. On June 14, Joanne and I attended a graduation ceremony for Nuvance Health neurologist residents. They are all now neurologists. The award was a complete surprise. The event took place at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY.

The six graduates.
The unexpected award.
The graduates and faculty.

My latest talk was on June 4 at Heritage Hills in Somers, NY. I covered “The Rise of Bitcoin and the Rise of Bitcoin”. The auditorium was packed with about 150 people, mostly seniors. After the Q&A, two gentlemen came up to the podium with more questions. They were 97 years old. I was inspired.

My recent talk was at the Rivington Club in Danbury, CT. The topic was “The Rise of Bitcoin”. A lot of good Q&A. My talk at The Heritage Center in Redding, CT was fun. It was a very nice and very smart audience. The Q&A covered a lot of issues relating to AI, Bitcoin, and Quantum Computing. A similar talk is scheduled in June in Somers, NY.

Two new videos are now on my YouTube channel. The Hammock Dunes Tech Talk 13 video is here. The Economic Round Table – San Francisco Zoom is here. In case you missed it from a prior post, my podcast with Ron Cey is here.

On April 18, I gave a talk on “The Rise of AI and Bitcoin”for the Newtown, CT Men’s Club. The club has existed for more than 100 years. I had previously spoken to this group about healthcare in 2014 when I was just putting the final touches on my doctorate.

The talk by Zoom for the Economic Round Table – San Francisco was on April 10 . It was members and guests only, but is live on my YouTube channel here

March 28th was my 13th Tech Talk at Hammock Dunes Club. A PDF of my talk is at https://johnpatrick.com/techtalk13.pdf. The video is now available on my YouTube channel. I need to do some editing. I hope to have the final link next week.

Filled it up for summer rides. Wish it were electric but I have not seen an electric motorcycle I like.
This is an amazing piece of wine bottle cork art. It is at Stew Leonard’s Wine & Spirits in Danbury, CT.
My third Model S lease expired. I replaced it with a Model X. It is orders of magnitude easier to get in and out of. I am loving this car.
On our way home the next day after the graduation ceremony, we stopped at the Hudson River Walkway. The bridge in this picture is the Mid Hudson Bridge.
This is the walkway, an impressive piece of engineering and construction. We walked all the way across the Hudson and back again. My bum back required me to take a lot of breaks, but we did it.
This view is looking north from the walkway. The roof barely poking up at the far north is the CIA. The buildings south of there are part of Marist College.
Commerce is active on the Hudson. This is a tugboat pushing some kind of barge. btw the river was discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609.
Six sets of tracks are on both sides of the Hudson. This freight train is heading south, maybe to NY or NJ. I counted more than 100 rail cars. 72 of them had the Amazon Prime icon on them.

Epi One has now raised $684,103 from 87 investors.

A lot of interest in early detection of cancer.

Epi One’s groundbreaking diagnostic testing platform seeks to make cancer less scary by detecting cancer early enough to cure and accurately enough to treat appropriately. The company is currently in pre-revenue. I have known the CEO, Michael Marquardt, for more than 30 years. He is an articulate and innovative leader.

As of Wednesday, June 19th, 2024, the cryptocurrency market has seen a mix of news this week, with some positive developments and some signs of a potential pullback. Here’s a summary:

Price Movements:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin’s price has been volatile this week, dipping below $66,000 after the Federal Reserve’s comments and then recovering slightly. Some analysts believe the uptrend might be intact, while others see a potential short-term bearish target around $60,000.
  • Altcoins: Many altcoins, like Dogecoin and Solana, have seen sharper declines mirroring Bitcoin’s downward trend.

Regulations and Adoption:

  • Iran to launch public CBDC pilot: Iran is reportedly planning to launch a pilot program for its central bank digital currency (CBDC) in June. This could be a sign of increasing government interest in digital currencies.
  • Coinbase faces scrutiny over crypto lending product: The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly investigating Coinbase’s Lend product, raising concerns about regulations for crypto lending services.

Other Interesting Developments:

  • Institutional Interest: BlackRock has amended its Ethereum ETF application, suggesting the potential launch of an Ethereum ETF by June.
  • Meme Sector: The meme coin sector, which saw a surge in 2021, has experienced a sell-off this week, with Dogecoin experiencing significant liquidations.


While there have been some positive developments like potential CBDC adoption, the overall sentiment in the crypto market this week has been cautious. The price movements of Bitcoin and regulations surrounding crypto lending products are key factors to watch.

Here are some resources to stay updated on the latest crypto news:

Remember, the cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, so it’s important to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

As of today, June 19, 2024, here’s a glimpse into what’s new in AI this week:

AI-Generated Content:

  • DeepMind’s AI creates soundtracks and dialogue for videos: DeepMind, a Google AI research lab, has developed an AI system that can generate soundtracks and dialogue to accompany silent videos. This could be a valuable tool for video creators who need to quickly add audio elements to their work. [Source: AI Weekly (https://aiweekly.co/)]

AI for Research and Development:

  • Arm unveils new AI designs and software for smartphones: Arm, a chip designer, has introduced new AI hardware and software designed to improve the efficiency of running AI tasks on smartphones. This could lead to more powerful and intelligent mobile devices in the future. [Source: Artificial Intelligence News (https://www.artificialintelligence-news.com/)]

Ethical Considerations in AI:

  • Researchers develop AI agents that can autonomously hack websites: Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed AI agents that can find vulnerabilities in websites. While this research could be used to improve cybersecurity, it also raises concerns about the potential misuse of such technology. [Source: Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/ArtificialInteligence/)]

Debates and Industry News:

  • OpenAI CEO says company could become wholly for-profit: Elon Musk, a co-founder of OpenAI, a non-profit research company focused on safe and beneficial artificial intelligence, has said that the company could become a for-profit entity. This has sparked debate about the future of OpenAI and its commitment to its original mission.[Source: AI Weekly (https://aiweekly.co/)]

These are just a few examples, and there’s always more happening in the ever-evolving world of AI. Here are some resources to stay up-to-date on the latest developments:

No weekly GAMMNAT spreadsheet this week as I am traveling on Friday.


My YouTube channel is at http://www.youtube.com/jrpatric The oldest one on the channel was from a speech I gave in Paris in 1996. It is here.