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I am dictating this story using COPYTALK, an innovative service for integration of voicemail with email, address book, and to-do list.

Never feel out of touch with important email Copytalk’s award winning service delivers email to any phone and reads it to you. Reply or dictate new email, contacts and appointments simply by speaking! Copytalk sends real-text email on your behalf, just like it came from your desktop. Copytalk is a flexible and user friendly approach to converting commute time into productive time.

Product Information

What is Copytalk?

Copytalk™ is the world’s only complete, affordable, voice-centric mobile email solution!

  • Complete – access email, reply and send new real-text email
  • Affordable – works with existing mobile phones and voice service – no expensive new phones or mobile device to buy and no need for additional wireless data services
  • Voice-centric – reads email (by machine), and allows replies, new email or organizer entries to be created by simple dictation
  • Mobile – works with any phone for any time, any where access to email

Copytalk’s breakthrough service calls any phone when new email arrives and reads it. Subscribers reply or send new email, simply by speaking – Copytalk sends email as though it came from a desktop. Emails and organizer entries are created with amazing accuracy because Copytalk combines leading edge technology with human editors, to provide a unique approach to giving mobile professionals a voice-driven solution to sending email and staying organized.

Copytalk is available in different configurations for individuals, organizations and for partners who want to provide the Copytalk service under their own name. Go to Enterprise Solutions to learn more about Copytalk’s secure, behind-the-firewall solution and special billing plans for organization-wide deployment.

If you’re an ISP, MSP, VAR/SI or Telco/Carrier interested in offering Copytalk to your own subscribers, see the Private Label Solution and visit our partner section for more information.