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American Well is a private company based in Boston, MA. It has a mission to improve access to quality healthcare while making it more affordable for consumers. The company does this by using mobile and web telehealth to remove barriers such as distance, mobility, and time and making healthcare more convenient. In today’s busy lives, convenience is becoming more important. I call it the big C.

American Well has been a pioneer and leader in telehealth. It is a sophisticated word, but using it is as easy as downloading an app on your smart phone and, in minutes, seeing a doctor face-to-face with live video.

A Harris Poll survey of 4,100 consumers found they are ready for telehealth technology and are actively seeking it out. Twenty percent said they would switch their current doctor for one who offered telehealth services. In other words, they in effect said they would put convenience ahead of loyalty to their current primary care physician.

When it comes to outcomes, consumer respondents said their healthcare concerns were completely resolved 64 percent of the time when in a brick and mortar setting and 85 percent of the time when using a telehealth service.

Read more about mHealth devices for telehealth in a peer reviewed journal article I wrote and read more about how consumers are leading a revolution in healthcare in Health Attitude.

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Source: American Well survey: most people want video visits, 20 percent would switch doctors to get them