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It seems as though I am having difficulty with every airline website. They have such a complicated business and are under such enormous financial pressures that it is hard to be too critical. They are actually making great progress — albeit a long way to go to become on demand e-businesses. This afternoon I spent an hour making two simple reservations at Continental Airlines. I am not 100% sure that the problem was theirs — it may have been my browser. A month or two ago I started using Opera 7.0 as my primary browser. It has a lot of really nice features. What I like most is that there is a single instance of the browser — each browsing session appears under a separate tab. If you close the browser and restart it , it remembers all the pages you had been looking at before and puts you right back to where you were before. Upon installation you are asked if you want to allow “pop-ups”. If you say no then you don’t get any pop-up advertisements — none. Even though I occassionally run into a web site that doesn’t work properly with Opera, overall it is well worth using.