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Broken phoneThere have been a number of stories here about service problems with Comcast. The company claims that it is "easy for you to connect with someone if you have a question about your Comcast service, 24/7". Wishful thinking. It is very difficult to have a relationship with Comcast. They have comcast.com for some things and comcast.net for others. Haven’t they heard of a "portal" — a single door that people can go through to find whatever they need? I have been a happy Vonage customer for years but I fell victim to the "bundle" from Comcast to save $30 per month. So far I am not so sure it was a good move. There have been a handful outages in this first month of use — today’s was several hours.
I can handle a hiccup here and there but the terrible customer service is hard to stomach. I called from the iPhone to report the outage and hopefully to get some information about what was going on. Not a chance. Here is what they said. "Your call is very important to us. We are experiencing heavier than normal call volume. Please call back again later." Click. This is what happens when there is insufficient competition in the market. To complement the outage I received five letters in the postal mail from Comcast. Each was some kind of notice that I had changed a user id or password on comcast.com (or was it comcast.net). Three of the envelopes were unsealed. I could rant on, as many people and journalists do, but. I’ll stop for now. Comcasted.