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The weather has made it impossible to resist motorcycling the last few days. Yesterday’s ride started down route 507 to New Foundland, then up route 191 through Sterling and over Spring Hill Road to one of the many small airports that dot the countryside of Pennsylvania. It is always interesting to see what kind of […]

Burke Marks

There are currently 736,425 benchmarks in the database at geocaching.com. Overall, 82,517 benchmarks have been found and recorded in 114,528 logs. In the last 7 days, 1,007 benchmarks have been logged by 407 users. Four of them were found by me in Greentown, Pennsylvania near Exit 20 of Interstate 84. I had tried to find […]

Miami Marks

I had hoped to locate a Miami benchmark (AC4021) today but finally had to give up. The mark had been placed in 1971. The documented history shows it to be near a tennis court and basketball court, both of which have been gone for years. Like many of the nation’s benchmarks, it seems this one […]

Palladium Caching

Thanks to Susan Panian at American Town Network (now the largest online community network in the U.S.) for telling me about how Palladium shoes is taking an innovative approach to selling shoes by tapping in to Geocaching. Geocaching is on my short list of next big things, and I have promised to write a non-trivial […]

Route 7 Benchmarks

U.S. Route 7 reaches 309 miles from Highgate Springs, Vermont to Norwalk, Connecticut. Parts of Route 7 are quite scenic but much of the highway is used heavily by commuters. I am not sure how many of the nation’s 736,425 benchmarks are along the entire route but by doing some research using the Geocaching Swiss […]