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Can Hobbies Enrich Your Personal and Professional Life?

I once asked a friend, who had retired from his decades-long career, what his hobbies were. He said he had no hobbies. I asked him how he spent his time. He said traveling to visit with grandchildren is the activity he always looks forward to. Travel is a hobby loved by people of all ages. […]

Geocaching Update

The more planning you do before your geo-caching expedition, the better. I recommend doing it the night before so you are not rushed with last minute interruptions in the morning. If you want to read a good “how to” guide on geocaching, I recommend visiting HobbyHelp. Jenny, from HobbyHelp discovered some of my posts about […]

Civil War

The summer would not be complete without reaching the goal of finding 100 geocaches since we started geocaching in 2003. I had mentioned “clever” in the last post and today I found yet another example of clever thinking by some very dedicated people in Pennsylvania. There were two multicaches that I was fortunate to be […]

Florida Refuge

The first attempt at geocaching for me was in August 2003. I still enjoy the sport and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in hiking and the outdoors. The basic idea is that individuals or organizations set up “hidden treasures” (caches) in various places around the world and record the locations (latitude and […]

The Riches of Kipp Island

When I wrote about the global sport of geocaching in July 2005, there were 181,216 active geocaches in 215 countries and in the prior 7 days there had been been 138,512 new log entries written at geocaching.com by 24,318 participants. As of today there are 423,816 active caches worldwide. In the last 7 days, there […]