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How mHealth, 3-D Printing & Robots Will Change The World For People With Special Needs

Exceptional Parent Magazine provides practical advice, emotional support, and up-to-date educational information for families of children and adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs. One of my readers follows EP and introduced me to Vanessa Ira, Managing Editor. Vanessa told

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Robots At Home

Robots will take on a much wider and more significant role in home healthcare than in surgery. Giraff Plus is a European healthcare project aiming to combine social interaction and long-term monitoring to help people live independently. The Giraff is

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Test Your Blood At Home

Patients who are at high risk or require frequent blood testing probably find going to the lab or doctor office an inconvenience. Athelas, a Mountain View, California based company has announced a new technology which may be a real game changer.

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‘Facebooking’ your doctor’s appointment

Agostina Giorgio of the Polytechnic University of Bari in Italy has published a very interesting paper about telehealth. The paper is “Social networks, apps and smartphones for telemedicine”. Giorgio sees telehealth as a nearly all inclusive solution for a large number

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Optometrists Want Laws Blocking Online Eye Exams

Telehealth is picking up a huge head of steam. Like iTunes, Amazon, Uber, airBnB and many other disruptors, telehealth for eye exams is getting resistance from the status quo. A telemedicine startup Opternative now offers a quick, inexpensive alternative to traditional optical

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