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Bubbles On Wednesday afternoon, Nvidia joined the $3 trillion market cap club along with Apple and Microsoft. It may be a temporary membership, but it seems every time Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, makes a speech, the stock goes up. In my 60+ years I have seen many companies which seemed to have only the […]

The Electric Vehicle Revolution: How is it doing?

The Electric Vehicle Revolution: How is it doing? Some say an electric vehicle revolution is underway. Others say it is headed south to the dumpster. Unfortunately, like just about every issue these days, the subject has become politicized. I will declare up front I am a registered independent and have been driving Teslas since 2015. […]

Is Range Anxiety for Real? by John R. Patrick

Is Range Anxiety for Real? by John R. Patrick Some people forgo the temptation to buy an electric vehicle (EV) because of range anxiety, the fear his or her EV will not have enough battery charge to reach their intended destination, leaving its occupants stranded. The anxiety is particularly prominent when considering long-distance travel, along […]

What are NCAS and CCS?

What are NCAS and CCS? Words:  550 Reading time:  2 minutes Tesla has been pioneering the electric vehicle market, and with it came their proprietary charging cable standard called NCAS (North American Charging Standard). Tesla’s Supercharger network became the gold standard for EV charging, offering fast and the most reliable charging options across the globe. The Tesla […]

News from johnpatrick.com – 02/17/2023

“It’s All About Attitude” https://www.johnpatrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/HEALTH-ATTITUDE-SERIES-LOGO-SPINNING-BOOK-WOODENDESK-24SECS-1920X1080.mp4 Health Attitude was the start this week. My marketing partner, Billy Wright, and I tried an Amazon promotional idea. We set the price at zero, and the books immediately starting “selling”, 241 of them. The theory behind the promotion is it will generate interest, people will tell others about the books, […]