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Is Subway Surfing Stealing?

Written: June 22, 2002 Edited: September 9, 2021 Hard to believe but when I was evangelizing Wi-Fi, there were many critics. NY Times featured an article saying Wi-Fi was a fad and it would go away. I wrote the following story 19 years ago. I was driving down Main Street in a small New England […]

Do We Need the Interstate Highway System?

Do We Need the Interstate Highway System? Written: 2002-07-01Edited: 2021-08-12   America’s roads are critical for moving a growing number of goods and people. However, these vital lifelines have been underfunded for years. More than 40% of the system is in poor or mediocre condition. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), which gave overall […]

Getting Physical

I published this Reflection on December 10, 1997. Given what all of us have been through during the last 18 months, I thought it may be of interest. The article was edited on July 9, 2021. I often get asked whether the Internet as a new medium will reduce people’s desire to get together in […]

Can We Cope With Packaging?

I wrote this story originally as what I called a “Reflection” on July 31, 1999. Blogging was not yet ubiquitous. I edited the story on May 28, 2008 and on July 1, 2021. Packaging is one of those things that most of us may not think about a lot. Packaging can be plastic, glass, paper, […]

Final Survey Results

I was hoping for 100 responses to the SurveyMonkey, and you delivered 146! This is really great! Thanks so much. Your response represents almost 15% of the current 1000+ subscribers, and is definitely statistically significant. In the the following paragraph, I will summarize the results. This will be followed by graphics to show bar graphs […]