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Drones in medicine?

A drone delivers medicine from a nearby pharmacy to the Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The possibilities are many according to Cornelius Thiels, a general surgery resident who wrote in He said drones will not replace provider care, but

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Carrier Not Recognized

The new TSA Pre-check process is a potential breakthrough for getting more expeditious processing through the security check for airline travel.  To use the new expedited process, you have to be a Trusted Traveler.  Once you become one — in

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Spectacular High-Res Image of Earth

The iPhone 4S takes great pictures, but nothing like this spectacular high-hes image of Earth. NASA Goddard oceanographer Norman Kuring gathered images from six different orbits of the satellite over an eight hour period last month. He stitched the six

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Aviation Rekindled

My interest in aviation began when I was stationed at MacDill Air Force base in 1970. My private pilot license was issued 1/15/1971, a mere forty years ago. A commerical license followed in 1976 and then an instrument rating in

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Travel Woes

There are quite a few stories here in patrickWeb about my travel woes (see travel category). There are many things people complain about including security, paying to check bags, late departures and arrivals, and grumpy service. My report from this

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