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Somehow I got on a mailing list from brainyard. The mailings were not malicious or obnoxious, but just not something I find of interest. Therefore, I clicked unsubscribe and was taken to their process for getting removed from their list. The name “brainyard” implies that the people there are very smart. Perhaps they are, but two things about their process are very dumb. The first step in their unsubscribe process is for me to enter my email address that I want to unsubscribe. They couldn’t figure out that the email address they used to send me the mailings and in which I clicked “unsubscribe” was the email address I wanted to unsubscribe. Duh. Would I enter somebody else’s email address? Then I got their confirmation. It said that I would be removed from the BrainYard Webcasts within 10 days.  Ten days to delete an email address from an electronic mail system?  Brainyard?  Unfortunately, many sites have similar unsubscribe processes.  One of things I learned from savvy Internet people twenty years ago is to make unsubscribe processes easy and friendly.  Why?  Because people have long memories.  It is quite unlikely I would ever use or recommend the brainyard.