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Description of imageSo many great books, so little time! I used to say there is no substitute yet for enjoying a hard-cover book. I take it back. Reading on the Kindle is the best. Now that there are just shy of 50,000 books on Kindle I make it the exclusive source. Every once in a while I post a list of books I have been reading. They all have reviews at Amazon that are much better than I could write, so I just update my database with summary comments and a rating of how I liked them. The last half-dozen or so books have been very large and deep ones. This weekend it was time for an easier read so I put the latest Dean Koontz novel — Odd Hours — on the Kindle. Koontz is nothing short of amazing and this latest tale is one of his best. It is hardly a light book. In fact the gripping intrigue won’t let you put it down until you finish it.