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It’s time for another book party! There will be a “Meet the Author” event on Thursday, August 29 at 5 PM in The Boiler Room at the Hawley Silk Mill. The theme will be the name of my book Series, “Its All About Attitude”. As you know from reading this blog, I believe many large opportunities and problems in the world have their roots in attitude. I also believe the solutions and ways forward to the future are based on attitude. My newest book, just published on August 1, is Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better.

I hope to deliver a revealing talk. I will make a brief reference to the prior books and how an attitude change can reap major improvements in key areas which affect all of us, including the evolution of the Web, our healthcare system, how we will use mobile voting in the future, and the emergence of the smart home. I will then focus on robots and artificial intelligence. They are coming and coming fast. Should we fear them or embrace them. That is what I will discuss.

A Q&A and discussion session will follow. Books will be available for sale and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Wayne County Library. Thanks to the Genzlinger Family for providing wine and cheese and The Boiler Room. Admission is free. Please register here

Any questions, send me email: [email protected]