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I would like to apologize for a lapse in the email reminders that go out when I write a new story. A couple of weeks ago I changed the blogging tool that I use to post the stories to my website. I did not realize that this required that I also make some changes at bloglet.com which is the service I use to notify my subscribers of new stories. Thanks to a number of you for telling me you had not received any updates for awhile and wondering if I had stopped writing. I don’t see that day coming anytime soon. I really enjoy writing and I have a long queue of things that I want to write about. Most of my stories fall into one of sixteen categories.

Here are some ways to catch up on stories you may have missed…

  • Visit the patrickWeb homepage. The homepage has story summaries for the past sixty days
  • Read story summaries by category
  • There is also an archive of all postings organized by month and year.

There are various ways to subscribe to my weblog. The simplest way is to enter your email address below and click the subscribe button on this page. This weblog subscription method uses Bloglet. I don’t know much about Bloglet other than what I read on their web site, but it seems like a well grounded idea and it works well for subscribers who prefer getting an email notice when I write something new. I appreciate any feedback on how this is working for you. Bloglet does have a privacy policy. As far as patrickWeb goes, be assured that I do not loan, rent, sell, or share your email address with anyone.

More About Subscribing To My Weblog

There are many ways to read weblogs. Some people use Radio Userland which includes a subscriptions page. There are other programs like this too. They are generally called "News Aggregators". If you use Outlook, an interesting thing to try is Newsgator. It automatically puts blog pages into an Outlook folder.

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