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Micah Alpern, who is about to get his masters in human computer interaction (HCI) from Carnegie Mellon University, said he was happy to see Blogging on my list of “the next big things” but he was disappointed in the page I had linked to. The page he refers to was a very basic page I had created to define some of the basics of blogging — primarily for newbies. Micah correctly points out that it didn’t do much to explain the significance of blogging. Several of my former colleagues at IBM have also challenged me to better explain why I feel that blogging is such a big deal. I have been working on a story to bare my views. Not to make excuses, but blogging really is a big deal and to explain the significance is similar to what it was like to explain the web back in 1994. Micah has done a good job explaining how blogging has been significant for him personally and it is a worthwhile read. I promise to complete my blogging story shortly. Maybe even today! Micah, thanks for the nudge and best of luck as you head out into the world with your new degree.