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Bill and George departing Billy's
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There are quite a few stories on patrickWeb about the Trike. It was a sad day whey I sold it, but a happy day to get the can-am Spyder RT Limited. I cannot say it is better than a Harley, but it is a completely different experience, and I like it, a lot! The person who bought the Trike on eBay is a fine gentleman and we have corresponded frequently by email. The weather forecast was excellent so I dropped him an email suggesting we might meet for breakfast on Sunday morning. He liked the idea and invited a friend of his who also has a Trike. Google Maps suggested that Bethlehem, PA would be roughly equidistant and I knew a great place there for breakfast — Billy’s Downtown Diner. I have a special place in my heart for Bethlehem. I spent four years there as an engineering student at Lehigh University and subsequently gained my first full-time job there at IBM. My wife of 45 years and I lived in our first house in Bethlehem.

Bill and George, my new Trike friends, were a pleasure to meet. Kindred spirits, for sure. They had quite an impressive array of tech gadgets on their trikes including advanced GPS receivers, a real-time engine monitoring display, and LED lighting. We had a good time talking about motorcycles, rides, and of course healthcare.  When we got to the discussion of Social Security and Medicare, I mentioned I had just turned 68. They said I was merely a baby compared to them. I won’t cite any more specific ages, but I can say that the sum of our ages is 220! I was inspired by my friend’s enthusiasm.
This post would not be complete without a comment or two about Billy’s Downtown Diner. They have an amazing piece of technology that produces great orange juice. They drop oranges in the top and out comes fresh juice. I don’t know where the peels go. When it comes to the food, the menu has something for everyone — unless you have any dietary concerns. If I ate there regularly, I would qualify as a congestive heart failure patient in my research study! However, I don’t think having Huevos Rancheros a few times a year will kill me. Ingredients? 

Huevos Rancheros: Corn tortilla topped with refried beans, chorizo sausage, melted pepper jack and cheddar cheese with two fried eggs, guacamole and green chiles. Served with Idaho homefries.

Billy’s dinerBill and GeorgeBill’s Trike (dashboard view)Bill’s Trike (side view)