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I look forward to getting home and writing about healthcare, technology, Internet voting, robots and artificial intelligence. For now, we are off the coast of Santorini in the Greek Islands. I have heard about the islands over the years, but never had much interest in them. Being here now, I can see why so many like to go there. The topography and beauty are amazing. The bay where we are floating was formerly the center of a huge volcano. The water is a beautiful deep blue, and the depth of the bay is 1,300 feet. Being so deep, the ship is unable to anchor and, as a result, it must continuously engage the forward and reverse propulsion of the engines supplemented by the port and starboard side thrusters. Otherwise, we would smash into the shore or one of the other ships in the bay. The view is amazing, and I wanted to share a picture, but the bandwidth is so slow, I have been unable to upload the picture. When I get back, I will share some albums from the trip. We started with a couple of days in Venice and then cruised to Rovinj and Dubrovnik in Croatia. Then, on to Greece: Corfu, Katakolon (Olympia), Nafplion, and Santorini. Tomorrow we will be in Rhodes and then end up in Athens. Be back soon.