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Map of AfricaThe trip back from Africa took twenty-nine hours. If you include the half day in Cape Town’s wine country before going to the airport plus an evening event back home, the forty-five hours made for a really long "day". We left the hotel in Cape Town at 9am on Friday morning — it was 2am in New York at the time — and we got to JFK an hour late at 7:30 am Saturday. After waiting for two hours we were told that all the bags were off the plane. Ours remain somewhere between Cape Town, Johannesburg, and New York. We had hoped to see them the next day but South African Airways said it could take up to five days. In spite of the long trip home and missing luggage, it was a really great two weeks. There is much to share — in words and pictures — about the country, the people, the culture, the status of technology, and of course, the animals. The index below will be updated as the stories come to life.