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Baby Boomers

A recent survey of 1,443 consumers by CareCloud Corp., a developer of cloud-based healthcare technology for doctors, found 62% of Baby Boomers use the web to access and update their electronic health records. The percentage was significantly higher than older users and younger users.

An article on InternetHealthManagement.com said, “Boomers are the group most likely to take advantage of digital healthcare tools. They are viewing online medical records, requesting prescription refills and contacting their providers with follow-up questions.” As discussed in Health Attitude, boomers are also tracking their exercise, in addition to their health.

It’s a good thing, because a recent study of one million people found physical inactivity costs the global economy $67.5 billion a year in healthcare and productivity losses. Inactivity is estimated to cause more than 5 million deaths a year. The World Health Organization says an hour a day of exercise could eliminate most of the cost and deaths. See the full story at Lack of Exercise Costs World $67.5B and 5 Million Lives a Year.

Read much more about seniors and health tracking in Health Attitude.

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